Historical Archive:

Guardian Cover 1998

Skulldoggery (SF mag)

2 Dogs

Jon Carroll

SF board of Supervisors. 1/19/200

Super Pet Sunday

East Bay Express: Doggie D-day

How Berkeley can you be? 1998

How Berkeley can you be? Chron: '97

In sync 1996

Joel Schechter  (Ocean beach Historical Society)

Nightcrawler: Dog Craze

Nightcrawler: Parade

Peter Saiers: 6/10/99

Last Doggie (city mag)

Scott Ostler:

Great Art



This is our archive of the known history of the Doggie Diner Restaurant chain from itís founding in 1949 to its ever so sad end in 1986. If you have in you posession any articles or other historical information and/or artifacts that you do not see represented here in this website, we want to copy them for posterity. Please contact us!

There will be a lot more in the doggie days to come...

In the meantime, enjoy our PDF library!

Articles about restoring the Sloat St. Doggie:
Articles about the Doggie Road Trip to NY

General Articles about Doggie History

Doggie Designers Obituary

Doggies in Emeryville

Doggies in Dogpatch

Facetime in the Cronicle